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Biceps curl Body-Solid SBC-600G/2

Biceps curl Body-Solid machine

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Biceps curl Body-Solid SBC-600G/2

Tradition of strength, durability and function is built right into this state-of-the-art Bicep Curl Machine. As yor would expect in the Pro Club-Line, the Bicep Curl embodies an impressive array of amenities - each designed to strict quality standards. Multi-grip, revolving handle bar with oil impregnated bronze bushings ensure full range-of-motion for maximum high and low Bicep contraction. Fully adjustable seat pad and scientifically designed, contoured arm pad ensure accurate pivot point alignment for proper body positioning. Variable resistace cam keeps arc movment strong and smooth for ultimate results. Unique design allows Arms, Chest andBack the highest degree of comfort even when using extremely heavy poundage. Includes 210Lb. Weight Stack (95kg) & Shroud.

Dimensions: 38"W x 41"L x 62"H(97cm x 105cm x 158cm)

Optional: 310Lb. Weight Stack (141kg)

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