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Dual Cable Column Body-Solid SDC-2000G/1

This Dual Cable Column machine is built for maximum upper body workout Več

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  • Dual 160Lb. weight stacks(optional 235Lb. or 310Lb weight stacks are available)
  • Stabilizer Bar for balance and support during use
  • Seamless solid steel guide rods with Hard-coat chrome finish provide the lowest possible coefficient of friction
  • Oversized 41/2" impcat resistant fiberglass reinforce nylon pulleys with sealed ball bearings
  • Lubricated stee laircraft cables with a test strength of 2500 Lbs (1100 kg).
  • Cold rolled machined steel and heavy gauge 2" x 4" mainframe
  • 12 position, vertically adjustable pulleys for maximum versatility

Dimensions: 46"W x 39"L x 91"H (117 cm x 99 cm x 232 cm)
Optinal: 235 Lbs. or 310 Lbs weight stacks are available


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