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Chest Press Machine CPB300

The most effective and natural chest and arms muscle strengthening

The most effective and natural chest and arms muscle strengthening Več »

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Chest Press Machine CPB300

This fitness machine Chest Press Machine in the series of Hydraulic Line machines is part of a special round training. The machine is designed for maximum effective and safe strengthening of chest and arms. The whole series of Hydraulic Line machines operates on the principle of oil dampers with 6 adjustable levels, which provide stable resistance throughout the range of exercises. Chest Press Machine is equipped with high-quality seat with soft padding, fixed base for maximum stability during exercise and two sturdy handles with non-slip grip. These handles are attached to a hydraulic damper and rotate on a center pivot. With this ergonomically designed movement with the resistance across the full range of movement a perfect strengthening of chest and arms muscles is ensured. The whole construction of Chest Press Machine is sturdy and fitted with a special coating resistant to scratches and peeling. The machine does not strain joints and is thus suitable also for rehabilitation purposes and intense daily workout.

Technical description:

  • zero resistance at the beginning of the traction
  • 6 adjustable resistance levels
  • fixed base for maximum stability during exercise
  • solid and robust frame structure
  • two handles with non-slip grips on the central rotating pivot
  • stable resistance of the hydraulic dampers in full range of movement
  • resistance in both directions of movement
  • minimal burden on the joints
  • suitable for the purpose of rehabilitation and intensive workout
  • safe exercise even without professional supervision
  • dimensions: L 95.9 x W 91.6 x H 109.4 cm
  • weight: 32 kg
  • upholstery colour: orange (pumpkin)

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