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Pec Machine Body-Solid SBP-100G/2

Perfect boosting of pectoral muscles

Perfect boosting of pectoral muscles Več »

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Pec Machine Body-Solid SBP-100G/2

When you surround yourself in the Pec Machine you experience a remarkable blend of function and form. That's clear the moment you sit on the contorued seat and adjust the weight stack to your workout level. Designed for bilateral or unilateral use , the hidden elliptical cams provide smooth, variable resistance throughtout a full range-of-motion for optimal muscle development. Form fitting and comfortably padded-it offers a strong workout environment with impressive function.The Pec Machine is everything you want. The look is unique and sleek. The performance is strong and smooth. Includes 210Lb. Weight Stack(95kg) & Shroud.

Dimensions: 65"W x 32"L x 62"H(166cm x 82cm x 158cm)
Optional:310Lb. Weight Stack (141kg); 410Lb. Weight Stack(186kg)

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