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Leg press - Steelflex Plateload line PLLP - siva

Vertically adjustable foot platform angle, high-quality welds, foam grips, solid foam backrest. Več

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  • Blago vam bomo dostavili popolnoma brezplačno.

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The Leg Press Machine Steelflex PlateLoad Line PLLP will help you build leg muscles without putting pressure on your joints. The solid and durable structure with a special surface coating, comfortable ergonomic padding and anti-slip, foam-padded handles are the main features of this machine. The angle of the large foot platform can be adjusted vertically, ensuring that the legs are in correct position during the workout. The bearing joints and adjustable lock points allow the user to choose either partial or full movement range.

Note: weight plates are not included!

Technical description:

  • Vertically adjustable foot platform angle
  • Pegs for Olympic weight plates (50mm)
  • Industrial bearings with sealed swivel joints
  • High-quality welds
  • Foam grips
  • Adjustable lock points
  • Ultrathick (5cm), ergonomic foam backrest
  • Fully adjustable backrest
  • Powder-coated
  • Frame:oval tubes (50 x 100mm)
  • Weight limit: 340kg
  • Weight: 98kg
  • Dimensions: length 214 x width 134 x height 142cm
  • Suitable for commercial and non-commercial use


Parametri izdelka

Višina 142 cm
Širina 134 cm
Dolžina 214 cm
Dimenzije 214 x 134 x 142 cm
Teža 98 kg
Nosilnost 340 kg
Površina 2.90 m2


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