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Multi-Gym Body Craft Elite

Komercialna večnamenska telovadnica, poseben ABS sistem za popuščanje rok naprave, robustna konstrukcija, 11 položajev škripcev, nastavljiv sedež in naslonjalo. Več

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The Multi-Gym Body Craft Elite is a sophisticated professional machine for a multi-purpose workout. Since the machine was designed to combine the advantages of a free weight workout and a safe use of home workout stations, it offers more than 100 ways to effectively exercise your entire body, regardless of whether you want to focus on a regular workout, functional training, core workout or rehabilitation exercise. This multi-gym features the revolutionary ABS (Active Balance System), which allows the user to loosen up the machine’s arms which then behave like a barbell – the user needs to even out the load using their own strength (and is perfectly safe while doing so). To strengthen your arms and back muscles, you can use the upper pulley. To exercise your legs, you can use the leg extension or the lower pulley, which helps you simulate rowing movements. One of the product’s many advantages are fiberglass nylon pulleys with ball bearings which can be adjusted into 11 different positions. Smooth and quiet running is ensured by the flexible nylon-covered steel ropes. Other advantages include orthopedic backrest that fully supports the user’s back. Other necessary features, including backrest, seat and press arm adjustment and an eyelet for attaching other equipment (suspension system), make the Multi-Gym Body Craft Elitea very popular and sought-after product.


Technical description:

  • Professional multi-gym
  • Can be used for numerous exercises in various positions
  • Steel 8.5 x 4.5cm frame tubes
  • Special Platinum Gray coating (frame is coated with special anti-scratch paint)
  • ABS (Active Balance System – for locking/unlocking bench press handle)
  • Orthopedic back and lower back support (lowers pressure on your spine)
  • Backrest is covered with vinyl material with double stitching
  • 10 counter pulley inclination positions
  • 8 press arm positions
  • 7 backrest positions
  • 3 seat positions
  • Water bottle holder
  • Stirrup (included)
  • Eyelet for attaching other equipment (suspension system)
  • Simple resistance adjustment
  • Impregnated fiberglass nylon pulleys with ball bearings
  • Flexible nylon-covered steel cables
  • Pulley diameter: 10cm / 7.5cm
  • Steel weight blocks with nylon casing
  • Weights: 90kg (20 blocks x 4.5kg)
  • Weight distribution index: 1:2, adjustable (i.e. up to 180kg of weights)
  • Seat height (from the ground): 57 – 65cm
  • Padding thickness: 6cm
  • Upper pulley length: 118cm (19cm grip length)
  • Dimensions: width 165cm x length 170cm x height 208cm
  • Weight limit: 180kg
  • Weight: 197kg
  • Lifelong warranty for the frame (for home use)
  • Category S (EN 957) – suitable for all commercial gyms

Training stations:

  • Butterfly with backrest
  • Back butterfly with chest support
  • Seated presses with backrest
  • Pull-ups with chest support
  • Upper pulley for pull-downs
  • Lower pulley (rowing simulations)
  • Seated pull-downs
  • Leg extension
  • Leg curl
  • Leg press (if you buy additional equipment)

ABS (Active Balance System)

This system enables the user to exercise various upper body parts, particularly the pectoral muscles, in different ways. Simply engage the pin for traditional "machine style" bench press, or, pull the pin for "barbell style" bench press. In other words, when the overhead pin is engaged, the press arm is rigid like all other home gyms. When the pin is pulled, the press arm is allowed to swivel just enough that the user must balance the press arm, just like a barbell.


High Stability and Weight Limit

The sturdy steel 8.5 x 4.5cm frame ensures high stability during training. Thanks to the high durability of the frame, lifelong warranty is guaranteed for home use. The frame’s durability is further accentuated by special Platinum Gray coating that prevents scratching and other indentations. The frame supports the high weight limit of 180kg.

Maximum Adjustment

The multi-gym has sophisticated, yet simple resistance and inclination adjustment, therefore allowing the user to adjust the multi-gym according to their needs in a matter of seconds. You can adjust:

  • 10 counter pulley positions
  • 8 press arm positions
  • 7 backrest positions
  • 3 seat positions


Weights and Pulleys

The user can use a simple mechanism to adjust the resistance weight from 4.5 up to 90kg. However, if the user wants higher resistance, they can easily adjust it up to 180kg using special pulleys. The fiberglass nylon pulleys with ball bearings ensure smooth running. All 20 weight blocks have a nylon casing to increase their longevity.


Parametri izdelka

Maximalna teža (kg) 180 kg
Teža 197 kg
Maksimalna višina uporabnika brez omejitev
Tip uteži Utežne plošče
Maximalna teža uteži 90 kg
Klop ne
Noge - spredaj da
Noge - zadaj da
Metuljček s hrbtno oporo da
Metuljček s prsno podporo da
Zgornji vlek da
Spodnji vlek da
Poteg sede z oporo v prsih da
Potisk s prsi sede da
Triceps potisk da
Biceps vlek - preko škripca da
Biceps vlek - z oporo ne
Triceps vlek - preko škripca da
Vlek na drogu ne
Ročaji na trapezu ne
Dvig nog na drogu ne
Odročenje/priročenje (rame) da
Odročenje/priročenje (stegna) da
Vlek vrvi (trebušne mišice) ne
Steper ne


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