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Unique treadmill not only for workaholics – enjoy 40 incline levels and a practical desk and choose between walking, running and uphill walking. Več

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Do you spend a lot of time on the computer but do not want to be sitting at the desk all the time? We might have a solution for you! Apart from an intense workout, the Treadmill inSPORTline AeroHike also offers a work desk on which you can put your laptop, allowing you to improve your fitness while working, watching movies or chatting with your friends on Facebook. And what a workout it will be. Apart from running, this treadmill also allows you to walk uphill – it has an uphill walking mode with up to 40 incline levels

This treadmill was designed to make the user feel safe at all times, even during the most challenging workout. That is why the uphill walking mode has a speed limit. On the easy-to-read screen you can choose from 12 preset profile programs5 HRC programs (with different intensity levels) or create and save 3 user programs. You may also appreciate the “Cool Down” button that automatically slows the pace down when you want to stop.

2 pairs of foam-covered handles provide support during walking and/or running. The vertical handles feature built-in heart rate monitors and the “Speed/incline change” button. Thanks to the 4 transportation wheels, you will not have to lift the treadmill up when you need to move it.


Not Just for Workaholics

The built-in wooden desk allows you to exercise and spend time on the computer simultaneously (which will come in handy when you need to finish a work task or when you just want to watch a movie). However, the work desk will not interfere with your workout in any way (there is a security key on the bottom).

Race or Uphill Walk?

You can switch between running and uphill walking. The max speed in the running mode is 12 km/h, and it offers only 15 incline levels. For safety reasons, the max speed in the uphill walking mode is only 6 km/h. However, it offers as many as 40 incline levels. Uphill walking allows you to exercise your calf muscles. So, when you raise the incline, you can enjoy a really intense workout.

Easy to Move

Even though the machine with a built-in work desk and a sturdy running belt may look large and hard to move, do not worry, it is not. Thanks to the 4 transportation wheels and uneven floor adjustment system, all you have to do to move it from one place to another is loosen up the legs.


Key features:

  • Multi-purpose treadmill with built-in work desk
  • Offers walkingrunning and uphill walking modes
  • Standalone running and uphill walking modes
  • 2 pairs of handles for better support during uphill walking
  • Step counter
  • “Cool Down” button – automatically slows pace down when you want to stop
  • “Speed/incline change” button
  • Chest belt receiver
  • 4 transportation wheels
  • USB port allows you to charge your phone/tablet
  • HRC program: machine automatically adjusts resistance to keep user in optimal heart rate zone    
  • Screen displays: time, speed, incline, distance, calories, heart rate, number of steps
  • Work desk dimensions: length 73.5 cm x width 23.5/39cm (narrowest/widest point) 
  • Work desk height from ground: 124cm
  • Running belt height from ground (horizontal position): 33.5cm
  • Running belt height from ground (max incline): 54cm
  • Side footrest width: 8.5cm

Technical description:

Engine power

2.7 HP

Running area dimensions

132 x 51 cm

Running area incline


Number of incline positions


Maximum incline

17.5° (31%)


0.8 - 12 km/h

Suitable for walking

yes, no restrictions

Overall number of programs


Preset programs


User programs


HRC program


Manual program


Heart rate monitor


Water bottle holder


Tablet holder


Transportation wheels


Uneven surface adjustment




Safety brake


HR belt receiver


HR belt included


Audio input




Overall dimensions

Height 173 x width 80 x length 154 cm

Folded dimensions


Weight limit

140 kg


100.5 kg

Power source

220V, 230V


HC (EN957)




Parametri izdelka

Največja nosilnost 140 kg
Moč motorja 2.70 HP
Dvig tekalne površine elektronsko
Število stopenj naklona 40
Največji naklon tekalne površine v ° 17.50 °
Dolžina tekalne površine 132 cm
Širina tekalne površine 51 cm
Najmanjša hitrost 0.80 km/h
Največja hitrost 12 km/h
Primerna za hojo da
Skupno število programov 24
Število prednastavljenih programov 12
Uporabniški programi 3
Funkce Pauza da
HRC program da
Uporabniški program da
Senzor srčnega utripa da
Nosilec za steklenice da
Stojalo za tablične računalnike da
Transportna kolesa da
Sistem za izravnavo tal da
Varnostna zavora da
Sprejemnik prsnega pasu da
Prsni pas vključen ne
Audio vhod ne
Zložljiva konstrukcija ne
Višina v stanju delovanja 173 cm
Širina v delovnem stanju 80 cm
Dolžina v delovnem stanju 154 cm
Vrsta teka traku Motorna
Teža naprave 100.50 kg
Vir energije 220V, 230V
Kategorija HC (v skladu z EN957)
Uporaba domača


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