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Multipress inSPORTline SM106

Smith machine for a safe and effective home workout! It features parallel bars, a pull-up bar and adjustable barbell holders. Več

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The Multi-Press Rack inSPORTline SM106 allows for a safe barbell workout, even if you’re home alone. Thanks to the guide rod with ball bearings and adjustable safety stoppers, you can place the barbell back onto the rack without the help of another person. Thanks to the high-quality bearings, the guide rod moves along smoothly with a lesser as well as bigger load while the 12 different positions to which you can adjust the safety stoppers allow you to stop your workout anytime. You might also appreciate the two pairs of barbell holders which you can attach to any part of the rack. 

However, the Multi-Press Rack inSPORTline SM106 allows you to do much more than just barbell exercises. Thanks to the removable parallel bars and multi-purpose pull-up bar, you can also do dips, push-ups and chin-ups. The moving barbell holder allows you to perform Landmine exercises. And since the smith machine workout is based on weight plates, the rack features built-in weight plate storage pegs that will help you keep your workout area organized. Then there’s the solid hook on which you can hang not only a punching bag but also a resistance band.

Technical description:

  • Smith machine suitable for home workout
  • Weight plate-based resistance
  • Guide rod with ball bearings
  • 12 safety stoppers
  • Multi-purpose pull-up bar with 5 different grips
  • Removable parallel bars
  • Weight plate storage pegs
  • Moving barbell holder
  • Suitable for Olympic weight plates
  • Hook for hanging punching bag or resistance band
  • Dimensions: L 125 cm x W 165 cm x H 220 cm
  • Guide rod weight: 21 kg
  • Weight limit: 150 kg
  • Guide rod weight limit: 180 kg
  • Storage peg and guide rod diameter: 50 mm
  • Weight: 130 kg
  • Category: H (EN 957) – suitable for home use
  • Weight plates are NOT included

Accessories included:

  • Removable parallel bars
  • 2 x pair of barbell holders
  • Moving barbell holder (Landmine exercises)

Workout stations:

  • Barbell squats
  • Barbell lunges
  • Deadlift
  • Standing chest presses
  • Standing calf raises
  • Pull-up bar dips
  • Pull-up bar push-ups
  • Parallel bar push-ups
  • Landmine
  • Bench presses (with a bench)
  • Seated shoulder presses (with a bench)


Parametri izdelka

Maximalna teža (kg) 150 kg
Teža 130 kg
Tip uteži Koluti


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