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Cementni set uteži inSPORTline CEMBAR 40 AKCIJA

Set of single-handed loading dumbbells that can be connected, creating a barbell! With a wide range of uses, this set is perfect for working out at home. Več

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The Cement Dumbbell Set inSPORTline CEMBAR 40 is a unique dumbbell set that will make you feel like you’re at the gym, when in reality you’ll be working out at home. There are 3 ways you can use the dumbbells. There are two short bars that allow you to put together standard single-handed dumbbells, with each one weighing 20 kg at most. Also included in the set is a long bar that allows you to connect the two shorter bars, turning them into a barbell (it’s up to you what your weight set up is going to be).

The cement weight plates are plastic-coated, protecting not only the plates themselves, but also the surface you put them on. The high-quality sleeves allow you to secure the weight plates firmly in place on the barbell. The single-handed handles are made of ribbed plastic, providing a perfect grip. The long bar is foam-coated, making it easy to handle.

Its weight-adding system and the fact that it can be used as either two single-handed dumbbells or a barbell makes the Cement Dumbbell Set inSPORTline CEMBAR 40 a versatile piece of workout equipment perfect for your home gym!

Technical description:

  • Practical 3-in-1 dumbbell set
  • Can be used as either two single-handed dumbbells or a barbell
  • Weight plates with sleeves allow you to adjust weight to your liking
  • Bars with threads for securing weight plates in place
  • Plastic-coated cement weight plates
  • Ideal for upper body workout
  • Long bar is foam-coated
  • Weight plate material: plastic body with cement filling
  • Bar material: organically produced polyethylene (PE)
  • Max weight (one dumbbell): 20 kg
  • Weight plate hole diameter: 30 mm

Set includes:

  • 2x single-handed bar
    • Length: 51 cm
    • Grip length: 14 cm
    • Diameter: 20 mm
    • w/ thread
  • 1x barbell adaptor
    • Length: 40 cm
    • Grip length: 40 cm
  • 8x 3kg weight plate
    • Plastic with cement filling
    • Diameter: 22 cm
    • Thickness: 4 cm
  • 4x 2.5kg weight plate
    • Plastic with cement filling
    • Diameter: 21 cm
    • Thickness: 3.4 cm
  • 4x 1.25kg weight plate
    • Plastic with cement filling
    • Diameter: 17.5 cm
    • Thickness: 2.8 cm
  • 4x plastic barbell sleeve

Parametri izdelka

Površinska obdelava Plast
Premer osi 20 mm
Oblazinjenje cement
Število kosov uteži 16 ks
Maksimalna teža 40 kg
Spremljanje cene izdelka