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Klop za letvenik inSPORTline Steadyline Bench

Adjustable bench that you can hang on you wall bars! With its high weight limit and precision workmanship, it expands your exercise options. Več

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The Bench for Wall Bars inSPORTline Steadyline is an outstanding attachment suitable for any wall bars that are at least 40 centimeters wide. The bench is made of high-quality beech wood which is flexible but solid. It consists of three parts. The part on which you sit/lie on while exercising is made of three 200-centimeter-long boards. Then there’s the support leg which is used to adjust the height of the bench. You can also fold the support leg down, creating a second position where the bench leans against the floor. The third part is the foam-padded leg roller attachment that is used for sit-ups (it can be adjusted to two positions).

The Bench for Wall Bars inSPORTline Steadyline will expand your exercise options, allowing you to perform not only the aforementioned sit-ups, but also tricep push-ups and bench jumps. It also allows you to do dumbbell exercises.

Technical description:

  • Practical bench that you can hang on any wall bars
  • Wide range of exercises
  • Perfect for sit-ups, bench jumps, tricep push-ups, etc.
  • Allows you to perform dumbbell exercises (provided you don’t exceed the weight limit)
  • Support leg that can be adjusted to two positions
  • Built-in leg roller attachment that can be adjusted to two positions
  • Easy to use
  • Material: natural beech wood, PVC foam (leg rollers)
  • Dimensions: 200 x 35 x 3 cm
  • Support leg max height: 49 cm
  • Leg roller attachment height: 32 cm
  • Weight limit: 140 kg


Parametri izdelka

Maximalna teža (kg) 140 kg
Material stojala Bukov les
Material prečk Bukov les
Število prečk 3 ks
Razmik med prečkami 30 mm
Višina konstrukcije 85 cm
Širina 35 cm
Spremljanje dostopnosti izdelka