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Flat weight bench inSPORTline LKM715

Flat bench with positioning options, capacity 150 kg, intended for discs with a diameter of 30 mm, rubber grips, two disc thorns. Več

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Flat weight bench inSPORTline LKM715 is a versatile fitness bench for strengthening the pectoral muscles and upper limbs. Sturdy steel construction with a finish that prevents scratches and also creates a nice design. Flat weight bench inSPORTline LKM715 has a high-padded seat, handles are fitted with high-quality rubber material and wide stance legs offer greater stability of the bench. The seat can be set to horizontal or vertical position, which allows you to perform more exercises. Flat weight bench inSPORTline LKM715 has two 30 mm thorns for putting the discs aside, arms with a total capacity of 100 kg and non-slip rubber feet protectors. During the development of this flat weight bench inSPORTline LKM715 maximum emphasis was placed on user comfort and high utility value, making the strengthening on this machine very natural and comfortable.

Technical description:

  • quality flat bench
  • study steel construction
  • special coating against scratches
  • high-padded seat
  • handles coated with rubber material
  • adjustable seat inclination
  • non-slip feet finish
  • designed for discs with a diameter of 30 mm
  • two disc thorns
  • arms load capacity: 50 kg each side
  • bench load capacity: 150 kg
  • dimensions of the main tubes: 50 mm x 50 mm x 1.5 mm
  • dimensions when assembled: length 150 cm x width 157.5 cm x height 76.5 cm
  • supplied without weights

Extended warranty

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By exercise you strenghten these body parts:



Petr KopřivaRecommended by Petr Kopriva the inSPORTline Coach.

Exercises on this machine will increase your fitness stamina. Regular training promotes weight loss and strengthens the cardiovascular system.


Parametri izdelka

Maksimalna višina uporabnika brez omejitev
Klop da
Maximalna teža (kg) 150 kg
Metuljček s hrbtno oporo ne
Zgornji škripec ne
Spodnji škripec ne
Noge - spredaj ne
Noge - zadaj ne
Steper ne
Bradla ne


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