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Masažni stol inSPORTline Numana

Experience the same well-being at home as in a professional massage salon! With this chair you can use preset programs, back heating and ionizer to freshen the air!

Experience the same well-being at home as in a professional massage salon! With this chair you can use preset programs, back heating and ionizer to freshen the air! Več »

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Masažni stol inSPORTline Numana

Are you looking for a way to really relax your body after a hard day's work or strenuous training? With the inSPORTline Numana massage chair, you will relax your body and mind, so that in the end you will feel reborn! With 8 preset programs and 5 massage speeds, you can easily find a mode for every occasion. But if you still want something special, you can set up and save 2 programs of your own . Another great feature is the air ionizer to refresh the surrounding air during the massage!

For an even better experience, you have 3 levels of back heating , sophisticated positioning of the 135 cm long massage area and an adjustable footrest. In addition to the classic controller, you can also regulate the massage by voice - according to the list of English phrases, which you will find in the manual, you will be able to set the parameters of the massage even with your eyes closed! Add to that Bluetooth speakers that can be paired with a mobile phone or tablet and a charging USB port , and you get the perfect set for absolute relaxation.

Air ionization

The air ionizer generates negative ions , which purify the air by withdrawing harmful substances and microparticles. This will make your breathing better during the massage and, in addition, the newly cleaned air will pleasantly refresh you!

Zero Space & Gravity

With the Zero Space program, you don't have to think about how much the chair tilts back during the massage - it doesn't tilt, it just slides forward and you don't have to manipulate it in any complicated way. Just place the chair at least 5 cm from the wall and that's it!

With the Zero Gravity function, you can switch to the so-called " weightlessness " position with a single button, where your weight is distributed so as to relieve your spine as much as possible from the influence of gravity. This will reduce the pressure exerted on the heart, expand the capacity of the lungs and support the blood circulation of the legs.

Pleasant back warming

The back is heated by long-wave infrared radiation , which penetrates deep into the muscles. At the maximum, the backrest temperature reaches 40 ° C - 50 ° C , which is optimal for perfect warming up and pain relief. Warm-up massage is more effective and pleasant, and it can also be used to quickly restore heat in the event of a cold!

Invigorating air massage

The set of 40 air cushions in the area of the arms, hips and legs perfectly adapts to the shape of your body and provides you with a thorough massage that will beautifully relax and move you even after a hard day. This balanced pressure massage relaxes and revitalizes the muscles and in the end you will really feel reborn!

Voice control

The unique function of this chair is that you can also control it by voice ! If you don't want to reach for the remote control, just press the microphone button and start with "Hi, Alice" . Then the chair will respond to the preset phrases (you will find them in the user manual). The catch is that they are in English, but on the other hand you can practice your language skills.

Bluetooth speakers

Listening to music is another interactive way of therapy, thanks to which you will gain inner peace and well-being. The combination of music and massage will charge you with an influx of new, positive energy. You can connect the chair to your mobile phone or other smart device and turn on your favorite music.

Programs and features:

  • 5 types of massage using massage heads (kneading, tapping, simultaneous kneading and tapping, Shiatsu massage)
  • 8 preset programs (quick full body massage, comfortable full body massage, relaxing full body massage, stretching the waist, back and legs, deep full body massage, convalescent massage to relax the body, neck and shoulder massage, back and lumbar massage)
  • 5 manual programs (focused, local, whole back area, upper back, lumbar area)
  • 2 air massage modes (air massage of the upper limbs, air massage of the lower limbs)
  • carbon fiber back heating (40 ° C-50 ° C)
  • 3 levels of massage intensity adjustment (air)
  • 5 levels of massage speed setting (basic only)
  • Pause function - pauses the current massage and allows you to move away from the chair
  • Zero Gravity feature
  • Zero Space feature
  • ionization - an ionization device that generates negatively charged ions to remove harmful particles from the air; the air you then breathe is cleaner and noticeably fresh
  • memory for 2 custom massage modes
  • automatic seat detection

Technical description:

  • massage chair with ionization device, back heating and a wide selection of functions
  • anatomical curvature of the backrest and seat with a massage area of 135 cm
  • foot position adjustment
  • backrest position adjustment
  • adjustable headrest - the pillow can be folded or unbuckled from the chair and thus regulate the intensity of the massage
  • armrest adjustment
  • high-quality synthetic leather forms a firm and non-slip surface that resists friction and impact
  • back heating (40-50 ° C)
  • 40 massage airbags
  • voice control (English only)
  • driver with LCD display
  • Bluetooth headphones
  • wheels for easy transport
  • USB port for charging smart devices
  • power: 150 W
  • dimensions after assembly: length 140 cm x width 82 cm x height 115 cm
  • package dimensions: 2 boxes, 1x 152 x 77 x 93 cm, 1x 129 x 40 x 90 cm
  • maximum chair length during massage: 190 cm
  • seat width: 50 cm
  • materials: synthetic leather (polyurethane)
  • load: 150 kg
  • weight: 120 kg
  • The device is not intended for the treatment of muscle and other diseases - it is not a medical device
  • Massage chair is not suitable for people with electronic implants (pacemaker), people suffering from osteoporosis or skin diseases and pregnant women

Masažni stol inSPORTline Numana - Parametri izdelka

Sintetično usnje
Število masažnih blazin
40 ks
Število masažnih ventilov
11 ks
Število prednastavljenih programov
Število masaž
Magnetna terapija
Število masažnih stopenj
Število hitrosti masiranja
Vyhřívaná podložka
Vyhřívání nohou
150 W
Maximalna teža (kg)
150 kg
120 kg
140 x 82 x 115
Transportna koleščka
Računalniški spomin
USB priključek za MP3

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