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Moški ogrevan brezrokavnik inSPORTline WARMhim - črna

Stylish stitched heated vest with elastic side panels that can be expanded with a zipper. Več

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The long-fitting Men’s Heated Vest inSPORTline WARMhim features an amazing Active Heat Core System, thanks to which it will keep you warm even in the coldest weather. There are carbon fibers at the stomach, lower back and thoracic spine areas, which provide the heating. Aside from providing even heat distribution, the fibers also emit infrared rays that improve blood circulation. 

The heating system is powered by any power bank with a Type A USB port (which is NOT included), which can be stored in a side pocket (which includes an integrated cable). When you connect the cable to the power bank, just long press the button by the pocket to start the heating process. There are 3 different heating modes to choose from, allowing you to adjust the heating intensity to your liking/the current weather conditions.

With the unobtrusive stitching and distinctive zippers and collar, the Men’s Heated Vest inSPORTline WARMhim is as functional as it is becoming! Since the elastic side panels can be expanded with a zipper, you can adjust the vest’s size for a perfect fit.

Easy controls:

Technical description:

  • Vest with a built-in Active Heat Core System at the stomach, lower back and thoracic spine areas
  • Easy-to-use (single button operation)
  • Three temperature modes
  • Sleeveless
  • Main zipper
  • Two zippered front pockets
  • Elastic side panels that can be expanded with a zipper 
  • Inner insulation
  • Fleece inner collar
  • Stitched design
  • Hanging loop
  • Side pocket with an integrated cable for storing a power bank (which is NOT included)
  • Pocket dimensions: approx. W 22 x H 16 cm
  • Heating element: carbon fiber
    • Even heat distribution
    • Emits infrared rays that improve blood circulation
    • Long lifespan
  • Power source: any power bank with a Type A USB port, 5V/2.1A (not included)
  • Temperature modes: 45°C (low), 50°C (medium), 55°C (high)
  • Approximate battery life: when used with 10,000mAh power bank: approx. 7 hrs. (low), 4.8 hrs. (medium), 3.3 hrs. (high)
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Weight: 520 g (size 3XL, w/o battery)

Size chart:


Chest circumference (cm)

Waist circumference (cm)

Hip circumference (cm) 

Shoulder width (cm)

Total length (cm)


102 (108)

96 (102)

104 (110)




110 (116)

104 (110)

111 (117)




118 (124)

112 (118)

118 (124)




126 (132)

120 (126)

126 (132)




134 (140)

128 (134)

134 (140)



The numbers in parentheses represent the size with the side zippers unzipped. 


Parametri izdelka

Material Polyester
Topné těleso Karbonová vlákna
Napajanje power bank (ni priložen)
Určení pánské
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