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Pas za uporne elastike inSPORTline BS AKCIJA

Waist belt to be attached to resistance bands, three fixed eyelets, one moving eyelet, Velcro closure, ideal for increasing leg strength. Več

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The Waist Strap for Resistance Bands inSPORTline BS is to be attached to a resistance band, allowing you to improve your leg and core strength. You will achieve the desired results by performing various bodyweight exercises or by exercising with a sparring partner.

Since the strap is length-adjustable and features Velcro closure, it will adapt to users of all sizes. There are 3 fixed eyelets on the strap for attaching a resistance band (to the center, to either side). You can also exercise using one moving eyelet, which allows you to run with a resistance band/sparring partner without impeding your movement.

Technical description:

  • Training accessory to be attached to resistance bands
  • Ideal for improving your speed and agility
  • Also helps increase your leg and core strength
  • Length-adjustable Velcro strap
  • 3 fixed steel eyelets
  • 1 moving eyelet
  • Strap dimensions: W 10 x L 75 x (L 140 – including the Velcro part)
  • Adjustable circumference: 70 – 110 cm
  • Eyelets for attaching a resistance band:
    • Large moving eyelet: Ø 6 cm
    • Large moving eyelet: Ø 2.5 cm
  • Material: polyester (strap), steel (eyelets)
  • Weight: 400 g



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