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Ploska tajska podloga inSPORTline Stroblo Big

Thai pad with length-adjustable straps ideal for practicing kicks and punches! Heavy-duty padding and extra durable material absorb the hardest of blows! Več

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The Flat Thai Pad inSPORTline Stroblo Big is a great accessory for those looking to get better at boxing and other martial arts. It’s large enough (70 x 35 cm) to allow you to practice both kicks and punches (at any height). Designed to absorb even the hardest of blows, the padding is so dense that you won’t have to worry about hurting your sparring partner. The straps on the back are length-adjustable, ensuring a perfect fit.

Made of high-quality Plawil, the cover is abrasion- and tear-resistant. There’s a zipper on the top of the pad that allows you to adjust the filling to your liking. The Flat Thai Pad inSPORTline Stroblo Big will get you ready for your next fight!

Technical description:

  • Rectangular Thai pad for practicing kicks and punches
  • Effective accessory suitable for all kinds of martial arts
  • 2 length-adjustable straps on the back
  • Dense foam padding absorbs blows
  • Abrasion- and tear-resistant
  • Zipper for padding adjustment
  • Material: Plawil
  • Filling: PU foam
  • Dimensions: 70 x 35 cm
  • Padding thickness: 15 cm


Parametri izdelka

Material Umetno usnje
Debelina oblazinjenja 15 cm
Dimenzije 75 x 35 cm


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