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Električni voziček inSPORTline Hawkie AKCIJA

Easy-to-control electric wheelchair with suspension, a remote control and two 350W drives! Ideal for getting around town or your apartment. Več

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The Electric Wheelchair inSPORTline Hawkie is a comfortable wheelchair suitable for those with limited mobility. Thanks to a folding mechanism, the chair is easy to store and fits in the trunk of your car, allowing you to take it everywhere with you. It’s powered by two 350W drives on the rear wheels. Unlike the front wheels, the rear ones are larger and inflatable, helping the wheelchair maintain stability at all times and therefore allowing you to ride on a bumpy terrain or uphill!

The wheelchair is extremely easy to control – it’s controlled using a joystick which you can attach to either armrest. With a max speed of 6 km/h, this wheelchair is suitable for anyone. If the user needs a hand during the ride, a second person can control the wheelchair using a remote control. You can also turn the drive off completely and push the wheelchair forward manually. The practical zippered bag at the bottom is a nice touch.


Two Drives, Two Batteries, Outstanding Distance Range

The Electric Wheelchair inSPORTline Hawkie‘s biggest advantage is that it has not one but two 350W drives, thanks to which it will deal with a bumpy terrain. And if the road is a little steep, that’s okay too – it can go uphill (with a max incline of 13°). If you stop the wheelchair while going uphill, brakes will activate automatically. Since it also has two batteries, it can go as far as 24 km at a max speed of 6 km/h. That’s more than enough when it comes to your day-to-day commute. 


Fits in a Car

Thanks to the sophisticated folding mechanism, you can fold the wheelchair up to a compact size in no time. When collapsed, it fits to the trunk of a car, which is unique when it comes to this type of vehicle. This feature will come in handy when you’re going on a trip with your friends or family where they need to use the wheelchair. 


Unlimited Mobility

Since the wheelchair was designed specifically for persons with limited mobility, it’s tailored to their needs. The armrests can be flipped up to allow you to get in the wheelchair comfortably. You might also appreciate the footrest. All you have to do to change direction is move the joystick to the right/left. 

Key features:

  • Joystick-controlled electric wheelchair
  • Suitable for both right- and left-handers
  • Folding mechanism
  • Waterproof frame
  • Automatic braking when stopped while going uphill
  • Second person assistance:
    • Remote control (2 AAA batteries)
    • Electric drive can be turned off, allowing a second person to push the wheelchair forward
  • Armrests can be flipped up
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Removable zippered bag for your smaller items:
    • Dimensions: 24 x 13.5 x 18 cm
  • Removable battery module
  • Mesh side pockets
  • Front and rear suspension
  • Horn
  • Pop-up rear wheels for additional stability during an uphill ride

Additional accessories:

Technical description:

Max distance range

24 km

Weight limit

130 kg


2x 24V/350W


2x 24V/12V, lithium accumulator, battery module is removable


2 A

Max speed

6 km/h

Max incline




Wheel size

front 2 x 8" (airless), rear 2x 12" (inflatable)


L 90 x W 63 x H 98 cm

Collapsed dimensions

L 59 x W 41 x H 76 cm

Seat dimensions

46 x 46 cm, thickness 7 cm

Seat height from the ground

55 cm

Armrest clearance from the seat

22 cm

Backrest height

50 cm

Footrest length

30.5 x 20.5 cm

Light height

11.5 cm

Turning radius

60 cm


33 kg


Parametri izdelka

Nosilnost 130 kg
Največji doseg 24 km
Največja hitrost 6 km/h
Največji vzpon 12 °
Dolžina 90 cm
Širina 63 cm
Višina 98 cm
Teža 33 kg


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