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Stojalo za enoročne uteži inSPORTline GymRack III

Sturdy, low-slung rack for 30 single-handed dumbbells suitable for all professional gyms. Več

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With the Three-Shelf Single-Handed Dumbbell Rack inSPORTline GymRack III, your gym will be tidy all the time! Boasting a solid, steel frame, the rack fits up to 600 kg in weight, providing a wide range of workout options. The individual shelves are curved to keep even the rounded dumbbells from falling off. The space between the holders is big enough to make the dumbbells easy to grab and take out of the rack. 

The rack weighs almost 90 kg, which makes it suitable even for commercial gyms. When fully loaded, the rack fits as many as 30 dumbbells, i.e. 15 pairs of different weights. Therefore, it’s ideal for an intense workout session!

Technical description:

  • Modern sturdy construction
  • 3 high-load shelves with curved dumbbell holders
  • Suitable for single-handed dumbbells
  • Material: steel
  • Frame profile: 2.5 mm
  • Shelf profile: 5 mm
  • Shelf width: 21.9 cm
  • Dimensions: height 107 cm x length 223 cm x width 78 cm
  • Weight: 89 kg
  • Max load capacity: 600 kg
  • Recommended max load capacity of single dumbbell holder: 30 kg
  • Category: S (suitable for commercial use)


Parametri izdelka

Material Jeklo
Višina 107 cm
Širina 78 cm
Dolžina 223 cm
Teža 89 kg
Nosilnost 600 kg
Površina 1.74 m2


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