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Veslaški trenažer inSPORTline RowAir

Professional air rowing machine with additional magnetic resistance, a long rail and app & heart rate monitor compatibility! Več

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The Rowing Machine inSPORTline RowAir will put wind in your sails. Boasting an air-based flywheel, the machine’s resistance can adjust to the user’s pace, i.e. the more you row, the more challenging your workout will be. And if you really want to push yourself to the limit, the machine also offers magnetic resistance adjustment (there are 16 different resistance levels).

In order to get the best out of you, the machine features an electronic control panel on which you can choose from 8 different programs, including target programs and multiple interval training options. And if that’s still not enough for you, you can save up to 35 user programs

Another great feature of this rower is its ultra-long, 145-cm rail, which provides enough room for users of all sizes. Boasting a max load capacity of 150 kg, the machine is suitable for both gym and home use. But wait, there’s more. You can also pair the bike not only with a heart rate monitor but also the popular workout apps Kinomap and D-Fit. As a result, you will have all training data at your fingertips!

Dual Resistance

It’s not just the air-based flywheel what makes the Rowing Machine inSPORTline RowAir special. It’s also the way it uses it. Out of the 16 resistance levels, the first 10 are air resistance-based only, i.e. the faster you row, the higher the resistance. From Level 11 up, a magnetic break becomes involved, which will push you to the limit!

Ready for Professional Performance

The high-quality frame boasts a max load capacity of 150 kg. To make your workout as comfortable as possible, you can adjust the length of the pedals to fit the size of your feet. The rowing handle is easy to grip, and can be hung underneath the control panel when not in use. An ultra-long, 145-cm rail is the icing on the cake. 

Personalized Workouts

This model offers as many as 8 different programs, including target programs and multiple interval training options. And if that’s still not enough for you, you can save up to 35 user programs, which you can fully customize. Last but not least, you can pair the bike with an analog heart rate monitor and keep track of your heart rate zones during the workout.

Row Anywhere in the World

The Kinomap app allows you to preset a virtual route anywhere in the world through amazing videos, while the D-Fit app tracks and analyzes your training data. The resistance adjusts to the actual terrain, making the running even more realistic. The app also allows you to control the machine’s functions from your tablet/phone, save your training data or plan your training sessions in advance.

Key features:

  • Professional, electronically controlled, air-resistance machine
  • App connectivity via Bluetooth
    • Kinomap (Android / iOS)
      • Thousands of preset routes from which the video is played
      • When selecting the machine type, select Exercise bike and select Fitshow as the machine brand
    • D-Fit (Android / iOS)
      • Recording and analysis of training data, based on which you can then create your own training plan
    • Test the compatibility of applications with your mobile device in advance
    • Have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS enabled for proper application functionality
    • inSPORTline is not a developer of the mentioned applications and does not accept responsibility for possible errors or incompatibilities of applications (in case of problems, we are willing to help)
    • Bluetooth is not intended for audio playback
  • Ultra-long rail
  • Simple resistance adjustment directly on the flywheel
  • Easy-to-read control panel
  • Adjustable control panel angle
  • Interval programs
  • Length-adjustable pedals
  • Can be stored in a vertical position
  • 8 programs (quick start, 3 x target program, 3 x interval program, one of memory programs)
  • HRC program: machine automatically adjusts resistance to keep user in optimal heart rate zone
  • WATT program: machine automatically adjusts resistance to keep user in preset WATT zone (e.g. it increases resistance when rowing cadence decreases)
  • Machine memory: 35 user programs
  • Control panel displays: time, strokes per minute, number of strokes, resistance, performance, heart rate, distance, calories, cycle

Technical description:

Flywheel weight

None (ventilator weight: 4.8 kg)

Gear ratio


Resistance operation


Number of resistance levels


Rail length

145 cm

Braking system

air, magnetic

Total number of programs

8 (+ memory for 35 user programs)

Preset programs


User programs


HRC program


WATT program


Manual program


Heart rate monitor


Transportation wheels


Uneven surface adjustment


HR belt receiver

Yes, recommended receivers for unencrypted analog 5kHz signal: 

Sigma 5kHz (range: 1 meter, replaceable battery) or Polar T34 (range: 4 meters, non-replaceable battery)

HR belt included


Audio input



No (can be disassembled, though)


H 123 cm x W 62 cm x L 242 cm

Collapsed dimensions

H 242 x W 62 x L 123 cm (vertical storage); H 146 cm x W 58 cm x L 38 cm (rail can be disassembled)

Package dimensions

141 x 58 x 44 cm

Max load capacity

160 kg

Max user height



47.6 kg

Power source

220V, 230V


SA (EN957)


Commercial, home


Parametri izdelka

Prsni pas ne
Nastavitev obremenitve Ročno
Maximalna teža (kg) 160 kg
Zavorni sistem Zrak-magnet
Število stopenj obremenitve 16
HRC da
Transportna kolesa da
Izravnava tal ne
Maksimalna višina uporabnika ni omejitev
Teža 47.60 kg
Tehnologija možnost povezave z aplikacijo


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