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Športni nahrbtnik inSPORTline Quillan - črna

Lightweight, durable and fully functional backpack with practically designed compartments, waterproof material and zippers, ideal for everyday sports adventures (even in adverse weather conditions). Več

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The Sports Backpack inSPORTline Quillan is ideal for those looking for a lightweight and durable backpack for their sports activities. Boasting a waterproof material and zippers, the backpack will keep your items dry even in rainy weather. The backpack features intelligently designed compartments, allowing for effective use of space.

The adjustable chest strap and waist belt provide ultimate comfort, as they allow you to adjust the backpack to your size. Furthermore, the backpack also features an emergency whistle on the chest strap and reflective strips on the front, thus increasing your safety and visibility, respectively. Apart from that, it also offers a hydration pack pocket, which makes it a perfect choice for longer trips.

Technical description:

  • Ultralight sports backpack
  • Waterproof material and zippers
  • Practical compartment layout for effective use of space
  • Chest strap and waist belt
  • Emergency whistle on chest strap
  • Hydration pack pocket
  • Reflective strips in front
  • Dimensions: H 42 x W 25 cm
  • Material: polyester
  • Weight: 430 g
  • Capacity: 15 L


Parametri izdelka

Prostornina 15 l
Odsevniki da
Teža (g) 430 g
Material Polyester
Anatomsko oblikovan hrbet da
Kovový rám ne
Plastenka ne
Žep za vodno vrečo da


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