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Double ball made of an eco-friendly material that helps maintain correct body posture and improve spine mobility. Več

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The Cork Massage Double Ball inSPORTline Jalkor is a massage tool that helps maintain correct body posture and relieve muscle tension. It’s primarily suitable for spine muscles as it helps relieve tension in them. However, it can also be used to massage the neck and lower back areas. If you put stress on your spine (e.g. people who have been sitting all day at work) or if your spine hurts while you’re working out, then this tool is just for you. You can use the ball when exercising on the floor or you can lean it against a wall.

The double ball is made of natural cork and has a laser-carved logo on it, which means it features no artificial materials. The material is solid but comfortable. What’s more, cork has a higher density than foam and therefore provides better stability.

Technical description:

  • Natural massage double ball
  • Solid and comfortable surface
  • Helps maintain correct body posture and improve spine mobility
  • Intended for muscle massage, stimulation, relaxation and recovery
  • Dimensions: diameter 8 x length 16 cm
  • Material: cork
  • Weight: 165 g


Parametri izdelka

Premer 8 cm
Material Korek
Teža (g) 170 g


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