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Oprimek za os inSPORTline Gripest - par AKCIJA

Effective accessory for wrist and other parts of arms and hands strengthening, durable material, anti-slip surface, universal size. Več

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The Barbell Grips inSPORTline Gripest is an effective accessory which allows you to strengthen your wrists, forearms, palms or fingers when working out with a barbell, pulley, pull-up bar or with oher instrument - cylindrical grips (best diameter up to 25 mm). It extends the grip area of a barbell by making it wider. As a result, the workout becomes more efficient as it helps strengthen the wrists, arms and hands. All these body parts can be toned during regular exercising. The silicone the grips are made of not only provides long-lasting elasticity and long life service, but also makes sure they maintain their original shape. The textured, anti-slip surface allows for a perfect grip and therefore a safer workout. All of the above makes the Barbell Grips inSPORTline Gripest a popular workout accessory.

Technical description:

  • Anti-slip surface (textured)
  • For wrist, forearm, palm and finger strengthening
  • Universal size
  • Length: 10cm
  • Inner diameter: 25mm
  • Outer diameter: 50mm
  • Weight: 160g
  • Material: silicone
  • Price for 2 pieces


Parametri izdelka

Material Silikon
Teža (g) 160 g
Dolžina 10 cm
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