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Lesena podloga za masažo stopal inSPORTline Azaika

Board with 10 massage rollers, easy to use, 2 types of massage points. Več

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The Wooden Foot Massage Board inSPORTline Azaika will help your feet relax.

It is easy to use – all you have to do is put the board on the floor and move your feet back and forth along the 10 massage rollers. The massage is so comfortable that it helps you relax and relieve stress and pain. The points on the rollers are of various shapes and sizes, thus putting different kinds of pressure on your feet.

You can use it both at work when you are sitting at your desk or at home when you are watching TV. Moreover, this accessory can also be used in saunas and infrared saunas, making the sauna cycles more effective. It will also serve well as an additional tool for maderotherapy.

Technical description:

  • 10 massage rollers
  • 2 types of massage points
  • Easy to use
  • Do not stand on the board, use only when sitting down
  • Length: 18.5cm
  • Width: 27.5cm
  • Height: 5cm
  • Material: varnished cherry wood, metal roller cores
  • Weight: 590g


Parametri izdelka

Typ nástroje podložka s válečky
Material Třešňové dřevo
Teža (g) 590 g
Dolžina 18.50 cm
Širina 27.50 cm
Višina 5 cm
Spremljanje dostopnosti izdelka