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Drop pads that protect the barbell, floor and your ears. The heavy-duty padding reduces noise and vibrations, the pads can also be used as a versatile exercise accessory. Več

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The Weightlifting Drop Pads inSPORTline Inpak are perfect for those who lift heavy weights. Padded with high-density cotton, it is an ideal equipment to reduce noise and vibration from dropping barbells, protecting the barbells and floors from scratching and hitting. The PVC cover is strong enough to withstand the damage from heavy drops. Each pad features two air vents on the sides, which allows them to breathe with every drop. This breathing effect will ensure your pads last for a long time. 

These weightlifting drop pads are suitable for weightlifting in the gym, fitness room, home, and office to lessen the impact, vibration, and noise from each drop, building quiet using experience. Their compact size makes them easy to carry. Apart from weightlifting, they are also suitable for a number of aerobics exercises such as jumps or steps. And you can also use them for push-ups. 

Technical description:

  • Crash cushion pads perfect for weightlifting
  • Reduce noise and vibration from dropping barbells, protecting the barbells and floors
  • Air vents on sides
  • Durable surface
  • Also suitable for aerobics exercises
  • Padding material: high-density cotton
  • Cover material: PVC
  • Dimensions: 76 x 61 x 15 cm
  • Weight: 8.7 kg / pc.
  • Weight limit for 1 pad: 200 kg (for ca. 100 cm drop) / 120 kg (for ca. 185 cm drop)
  • Package contains 2 pads


Parametri izdelka

Material Bombaž, PVC
Debelina 15 cm
Dolžina 76 cm
Širina 61 cm
Oprsnica vključena v paket ne
Teža 20 kg
Spremljanje cene izdelka