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Nogometna žoga inSPORTline Jonella, vel.3

Outstanding children’s soccer ball suitable for all surfaces! Practice ball suitable for players aged 9 or under. Več

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The Soccer Ball inSPORTline Jonella – Size 3 is an outstanding practice ball suitable for players aged 9 or under. Made of a high-quality material, this machine-stitched ball is durable and therefore suitable for all surfaces. Since the ball is white with colorful printing, it always stands out on the surface and is perfectly visible. If you want your child to grow up to be a professional soccer player, the Soccer Ball inSPORTline Jonella – Size 3 is the perfect way to start!

Technical description:

  • Small size practice/game soccer ball for children aged 9 or under
  • White with colorful printing
  • 32-panel construction
  • Suitable for all surfaces
  • Material: TPU/PVC, butyl (bladder)
  • Size: 3
  • Weight: 310 – 340 g
  • Circumference: 58 – 61 cm
  • Max inflation pressure: 0.3 – 0.4 bar
  • Note: The ball is delivered deflated


Parametri izdelka

Velikost 3
Material PVC, TPU
Vrsta površine Vse vrste površine
Teža (g) 340 g
Sešiti iz delov 32
Določanje Rekreační, Trening
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