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Nogometna žoga inSPORTline Spinut, vel.5

Size 5 soccer ball for adult players, excellent flight characteristics, machine-stitched, suitable for practice and recreational use. Več

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The Soccer Ball inSPORTline Spinut is a size 5 practice ball suitable for adult players and it’s to be used on regular-sized pitches. Since the bladder is machine-stitched with extreme precision and well-sealed joints, the ball is durable, doesn’t absorb water and has outstanding flight characteristics.

Its distinctive white color with modern colorful printing makes the Soccer Ball inSPORTline Spinut Size 5 stand out on the pitch, making it clearly visible. The ball’s upper part is made from soft EPDM foam with roughed up PU surface to provide better control and feel on the boot.

Technical description:

  • Size 5 soccer ball
  • Suitable for practice and recreational use
  • Distinctive white color with modern colorful printing
  • Machine-stitched with extreme precision
  • 32-panel construction
  • Outstanding flight characteristics
  • Modern design
  • Roughed up surface
  • Material: PU, EPDM foam, butyl (bladder)
  • Size: 5
  • Weight: 420 g
  • Max inflation pressure: 6 – 8 psi (0.41 – 0.55 bar)
  • Note: The ball is delivered deflated


Parametri izdelka

Velikost 5
Material TPU, EPDM pěna
Vrsta površine tráva
Teža (g) 420 g
Sešiti iz delov 32
Določanje Rekreační, Trening, Tekma
Spremljanje dobavljivosti