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Letvenik inSPORTline Steadyline 200x90 cm

Varnish-coated spruce wall bars suitable for rooms with standard ceiling height, secured to wall, easy installation, easy maintenance. Več

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The Wall Bars inSPORTline Steadyline 200 x 90 cm are high-quality wall bars in a simple design. The bars are made of spruce wood which is perfect for wall bars. Since it is a natural material, it means that these wall bars are non-toxic. The wall bars are coated with colorless varnish, making them even more durable and resistant to external forces. You might also appreciate their easy installation and safety

Moreover, the wall bars look great and are easy to maintain. The 130kg weight limit makes the Wall Bars inSPORTline Steadyline 200 x 90 cm perfect for every home gym and suitable for both adults and children. Their versatility makes these wall bars perfect for the full-body workout (from strengthening abs, glutes, back, leg and arm muscles to stretching). 

Wall bars are a great multi-purpose exercise tool. However, their versatility can be further expanded via various accessories


With a solid pull-up bar, for example, you will be able to exercise back muscles and the rest of the upper half of your body. You can hang the pull-up bar on any of the cross bars (apart from those that are not on the same level). You might also appreciate one of our resistance bands. They provide resistance and lower the weight you work with and as such allow even beginners to handle these hard exercises. But if you consider these kinds of exercises too easy, you can try working with body weights. The image shown is for illustration purposes only.



suspension system is another popular accessory. It can be easily attached to one of the cross bars, offering a variety of bodyweight exercise options. You might appreciate its compact size, high weight limit and wide range of length adjustment.




You can also attach resistance bands, which work with resistance and are suitable for everyone (thanks to their versatility). They are perfect not only for stretching, but also help those with muscle coordination problems or those recovering from an injury. You can also use training ropes which you simply pass through the bars.


Last, but not least, you’ll surely appreciate a bench for wall bars, suitable for jumps, sit-ups, dumbbell exercises, etc. You can also tilt the bench and exercise at an angle.


Technical description:

  • Solid spruce wood
  • Durable and resistant
  • Coated with varnish (colorless, odorless, extremely durable)
  • Other accessories can be attached to it
  • Easy maintenance
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Bar material: spruce wood
  • Height: 200 cm
  • Width: 90 cm
  • Depth: 11,5 cm
  • Horizontal bar width: 4 cm
  • Number of bars: 7
  • Bar profile: W 30 x H 40 mm
  • Space between bars: 27,5 cm
  • Weight limit: 130 kg
  • All parts have to be assembled – you cannot skip parts at will
  • Delivered disassembled
  • Screws and anchor bolts included
  • Assembly not provided
  • Image shown is for illustration purposes only, the sides are not chamfered at the bottom


Parametri izdelka

Višina konstrukcije 200 cm
Širina 90 cm
Maximalna teža (kg) 130 kg
Material stojala Smrekov les
Material prečk Smrkové dřevo
Širina prečk 30 mm
Višina prečk 40 mm
Število prečk 7 ks
Razmik med prečkami 275 mm
Globina 11.50 cm


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