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Masažni stol inSPORTline Cortela - črna

A comfortable, powerful and easily adjustable masage chair that, in addition to a luxurious massage, will also give you aromatherapy and light therapy - in addition to music! Več

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Discover new dimensions of peace and quiet with the inSPORTline Cortela massage chair ! In addition to a completely relaxing full-body massage, you will also enjoy soothing aromatherapy , beautifying light therapy and magnetic foot massage! Thanks to the automatic detection of the body position, the chair adapts to each body part and thus fully engages a respectable set of massage heads and airbags. In addition to 6 preset programs, you also have 6 types of massage available for manual mode, including 3D massage , in which the massage rollers penetrate deeper into the muscles.

With 5 levels of speed and intensity settings , you will definitely find the ideal combination outside the offered programs. Then just save it as one of the 3 optional modes . You can also involve warming your back and calves for better muscle relaxation. In addition, when massaging the legs, it is possible to adjust the backrest in the range of 22 cm , so that even high people will not feel cramped in the chair.

In addition, the extremely useful Zero Space function ensures that you do not have to manipulate the chair at all. After adjusting to the horizontal position, it simply "slides" forward and there is no need to decide whether to move it away from the wall - 5 cm is enough! For absolute body relaxation, there is also the popular Zero Gravity function. And if you like to listen to your favorite music during the massage, just connect the built-in speakers to your mobile and that's it! With massage, heating, aromatherapy and blue light, you can indulge in the same luxury as in a professional salon!

Light therapy

Thanks to the unique tilting roof lined with LED diodes, you can add light therapy to your home comfort! The blue light that radiates from the roof calms your skin and at the same time takes care of eliminating bacteria and suppressing inflammation . It is mainly used for acne problems or to soothe the skin after excessive sunbathing.


In addition, you can look forward to aromatherapy under the dome! The chair includes a special cartridge with fragrant oil , thanks to which you will immediately rise to other realms! Thanks to the rounded shape of the roof, the scent will completely surround you and you can fully immerse yourself in a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Zero Space & Gravity

With the Zero Space program, you don't have to think about how much the chair tilts back during the massage - it doesn't tilt, it just slides forward and you don't have to manipulate it in any complicated way. Just place the chair at least 5 cm from the wall and that's it!

With the Zero Gravity function, you can switch to the so-called " weightlessness " position with a single button, where your weight is distributed so as to relieve your spine as much as possible from the influence of gravity. This will reduce the pressure exerted on the heart, expand the capacity of the lungs and support the blood circulation of the legs.

Magnetic massage

For the purposes of magnetic massage , the chair is equipped with a total of 8 permanent magnets in the calf area, which supply the body with the missing energy by stimulating the reflex points. Each generates a magnetic field of approximately 800 gauss.

Back and leg heating

Heating takes place on the basis of long-wave infrared radiation, which uses carbon fiber as a source. The backrest and calf area are heated to a maximum of 40 ° C - 50 ° C , which is the optimal temperature for complete warming of the muscles and at the same time pain relief. The massage is then more effective and pleasant, in addition, the heating can be used to quickly restore heat in the event of a cold.

3D Bluetooth speakers

Listening to music is another interactive way of therapy, thanks to which you will gain inner peace and well-being. The combination of music and massage will charge you with an influx of new, positive energy. You can connect the chair to your mobile phone or other smart device and turn on your favorite music. Plus, you have a rechargeable USB slot so your phone never runs out of power.

Programs and features:

  • 3D massage (movement of massage heads upwards, downwards, forwards and backwards)
  • 6 types of massages (kneading, tapping, kneading and tapping at the same time, shiatsu massage, shoulder massage, 3D massage) with massage heads
  • 6 preset massage programs (comprehensive full body massage, buttocks and hips massage, sleep support massage, neck and shoulder massage, back and waist massage, relaxing full body massage)
  • 5 manual programs (focused, local, whole back area, upper back, lumbar area)
  • back and calf heating with carbon fibers (40 °C - 50 °C)
  • light therapy (blue light)
  • magnetic foot massage
  • 5 levels of massage speed adjustment
  • 5 levels of massage intensity
  • Pause function - pauses the current massage and allows you to move away from the chair
  • Zero Gravity feature
  • Zero Space feature
  • position / speed / mode setting for individual massages
  • memory for 3 custom programs
  • automatic seat detection

Technical description:

  • massage chair with the possibility of using aromatherapy, light therapy and magnetic foot therapy
  • anatomical curvature of the backrest and seat with a massage area of 95 cm
  • adjustment of the position of the footrest, including the possibility of adjusting its length in the range of 20 cm
  • backrest position adjustment
  • adjustable headrest - the pillow can be folded or unbuckled from the chair and thus regulate the intensity of the resistance
  • armrest adjustment
  • high-quality synthetic leather forms a firm and non-slip surface that resists friction and impact
  • back and leg heating (40-50 ° C)
  • 74 massage airbags
  • Controls with LCD display
  • Bluetooth 3D speakers - play music directly from your phone
  • wheels for easy transport
  • side LCD lights to evoke the right mood
  • USB port for charging smart devices
  • power: 260 W
  • dimensions after assembly: d 150 cm x W 810 x H 141.5 cm
  • package dimensions: 3 boxes , 1x 150 x 83 x 97 cm / 132 kg, 1x 73 x 36 x 131 cm / 26 kg, 1x 58 x 54 x 58 cm / 30 kg
  • maximum chair length during massage: 220 cm
  • seat width: 52 cm
  • material: synthetic leather
  • load: 150 kg
  • weight: 168 kg
  • It is not a medical device - it is not intended for the muscle treatment and other diseases
  • Massage chair is not suitable for people with electronic implants (pacemaker), people suffering from osteoporosis or skin diseases and pregnant women


Parametri izdelka

Material Sintetično usnje
Število masažnih blazin 74 ks
Število masažnih ventilov 20 ks
Število prednastavljenih programov 6
Število masaž 6
Magnetna terapija da
Število masažnih stopenj 3
Število hitrosti masiranja 5
Zero Gravity da
Zero Space da
Vyhřívaná podložka da
Vyhřívání nohou da
Vyhřívání krku a ramen ne
Zmogljivost 260 W
Maximalna teža (kg) 150 kg
Teža 168 kg
Dimenzije 150 x 81 x 141,5 cm
Transportna koleščka da
Računalniški spomin 3
USB priključek za MP3 da


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