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Električni skiro W-TEC Tendeal 700W 10" - bela

Full-suspension e-scooter with a powerful drive and a large deck! It boasts a distance range of 40 km and a weight limit of 120 kg.

Full-suspension e-scooter with a powerful drive and a large deck! It boasts a distance range of 40 km and a weight limit of 120 kg. Več »

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Električni skiro W-TEC Tendeal 700W 10"

The E-Scooter W-TEC Tendeal 700W 10” is a super powerful e-scooter that will make sure you’re never late again! With a 700W, brushless motor and a max speed of 40 km/h, you will ride with the wind in your hair. However, the scooter’s main feature is that both the front and rear wheels are suspended, ensuring a smooth ride on any terrain. The extra wide deck with non-slip grip tape will keep you safe during the ride. Add the 120-kg weight limit, and what you get is an amazing eco-friendly vehicle.

You can adjust the E-Scooter W-TEC Tendeal 700W 10” to your liking – from the handlebar height (83 – 120 cm) to the traveling speed. You can select from 3 different speed modes on the screen, depending on how fast you need to get to your destination. Thanks to the reliable disc brakes, you’ll never lose control of the scooter. However, the W-TEC Tendeal isn’t great just when it’s in motion – if you need to stop for a while, lock the scooter using the remote control (it can’t be powered up). Alarm will go off when it detects motion, keeping thieves at bay.

Outstanding Suspension

Both the front are rear wheels are suspended, providing a smooth and comfortable ride on paved roads as well as moderate terrain. Combined with 10” inflatable wheels, it will absorb shocks and therefore deal with bumps on the road. 

Folded Up in a Flash

There are moments when you don’t feel like riding, but want to take the scooter with you just in case. No problem with this bad boy. Thanks to the folding mechanism, the stem can be folded all the way down to the deck. Then fold up the handlebars and you’re good to go – the scooter becomes a lot smaller and therefore easier to move from one place to another. What’s more, it also fits in the trunk of your car.

It Will Take You Far… and Fast

With an incredible 700W, brushless motor and a max speed of 40 km/h, you’re in for one hell of a ride. The actual range depends on a variety of factors, such as surface or trail profile. But even so, the scooter will have enough juice for a nice trip. You might also appreciate the max incline of 15 degrees. All in all, this scooter is a lot of fun to ride.


Equipped for City Traffic

Equipped for city traffic, the E-Scooter W-TEC Tendeal 700W 10” features a practical kickstandfenderslights and turn signals, which you can’t do without. Then there’s the built-in horn and, to top it all off, the USB port that allows you to charge your phone!

Technical description:

Frame material

Aluminum alloy

Engine power

700 W

Engine type

Brushless, DC

Max speed

35-40 km/h

Max slope



Li-Ion 15 Ah, 48 V

Distance range on single charge

Up to 40 km

Charging time to full capacity

6 - 7 hrs.





Tire size

10" (25.4 cm)

Deck dimensions

56 x 24 cm

Deck height (top)

18.5 cm

Deck height (bottom)

10 cm

Handlebar height

83 - 120 cm

Handlebar width

56 cm


Front and rear, automatic brake light, rear turn signals


L 112 x W 56 x H 120 cm

Collapsed dimensions

L 119 x W 25 x H 37 cm 

Min recommended user height

150 cm

Weight limit

120 kg


20 kg

Setting options

Cruise control, start with or without push off, smooth start, speed and distance displayed


2x remote control for locking the scooter, multi-purpose backlit display (powered by central battery), electric horn, kickstand, front and rear shock absorbers, fenders, USB port for charging phone (at the back left side of the screen), mounting kit

Funkce dálkového ovládání:

Lock w/ Alarm – Alarm will go off when the scooter detects motion

Lock w/o Alarm – Locks the screen + allows you to deactivate alarm with a push of a button

Horn – Short warning sound signal

Start – Press 2 times; the scooter unlocks and powers up the screen

Električni skiro W-TEC Tendeal 700W 10" - Parametri izdelka

Maximalna nosilnost
120 kg
Najmanjša priporočena višina uporabnika
150 cm
Kapaciteta baterije
15000 mAh
45 km
Maksimalna hitrost
40 km/h
Maksimalni naklon
15 °
20 kg
Moč motorja
700 W
Velikost koles
disk, električne
vzvod na krmilu
1120 x 560 x 1200 mm
Tip koles
Tip motorja
Lokacija motorja
v zadnjem kolesu

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