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Električni skiro W-TEC Richbit 20/16" - rumena

Revolutionary e-scooter with large wheels that will overcome each and every obstacle. Več

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The E-Scooter W-TEC Richbit 20/16” is a revolutionary scooter with large inflatable wheels for a more comfortable ride. Its 25 km/h max speed makes this scooter perfect for everyday in-town riding, as it helps you avoid traffic jams and therefore save valuable time. Moreover, you can fold the scooter up or unfold it in no time, making it easy to carry around in the trunk of your car or on a bus.

The 10.4Ah LG lithium battery allows for a 30km distance range on a single charge (the battery charges to full capacity in 4 to 6 hours). As a result, you can use the scooter more than once before having to recharge the battery. Moreover, you can use the scooter even if the battery is deadPlaced in the deck, the battery will not bother you during the ride. You can easily recharge it using the compact charger, which you can take everywhere you go.

To keep you safe, the E-Scooter W-TEC Richbit 20/16” features reliable disc brakes, an anti-slip deck and rubber handlebars for a perfect grip. The 20” and 16” inflatable tires will deal with bumps on the road (there are many of those in the city). You can turn on the battery-powered front and rear lights, as well as the horn, by pushing a button on the handlebars. The rear brake light will light up during braking. 

Technical description:

Frame material


Engine power

350 W

Engine type


Max speed

25 km/h


Li-Ion 10.4Ah / 36V

Distance range on single charge

30 km

Charging time (full capacity)

4 - 6 h


Disc front and rear


Inflatable front and rear

Tire size

front 20", rear16"

Max inflation

3.1 bar

Deck dimensions

L 50 x W 14 cm

Deck top height

19 cm

Deck low height

14 cm

Handlebar height

104 - 115 cm

Handlebar width

58 cm


Front and rear, automatic brake


L 166 x W 58 x H 104 – 115 cm

Collapsed dimensions

L 166 x W 30 x H 70 cm 

Recommended minimum user height

150 cm

Weight limit

100 kg


20.1 kg


folding mechanism, kickstand, fenders

Display shows

Battery status estimate (doesn’t display number of kilometers or current speed)


Parametri izdelka

Maximalna nosilnost 100 kg
Najmanjša priporočena višina uporabnika 150 cm
Kapaciteta baterije 10400 mAh
Območje 30 km
Maksimalna hitrost 25 km/h
Maksimalni naklon 15 °
Teža 20.10 kg
Moč motorja 350 W
Velikost koles 20"+16"
Zavore disk
Upravljanje ročica za plin
Dimenzije 1660 x 580 x 1150 mm
Tip koles napihljiva
Tip motorja polnjenje
Lokacija motorja v zadnjem kolesu
Rekuperacija ne
Sedež ne


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