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Masažni pripomoček za hrbet inSPORTline Kodan

Practical multi-purpose tool that can be used as a shoehorn, back scratcher, back massager and to help increase blood flow to the muscles. Več

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The Back Massager/Scratcher inSPORTline Kodan is a practical accessory that serves as a shoehorn but also as a tool that allows you to massage your muscles, helps increase blood flow to them, or just for scratching the parts of your back that your hand cannot reach. It’s oval-shaped with a massage comb at one end and a shoehorn at the other.

To prevent slipping out of your hand, the Back Massager/Scratcher inSPORTline Kodan is knurled, allowing for a perfect grip. Last but not least, this product will extend the lifespan of your shoes by preventing damage caused by inappropriate putting on/taking off. 

Technical description:

  • Practical multi-purpose tool
  • Shoehorn
  • Massage comb
  • Used for scratching parts of your back that your hand cannot reach
  • Knurled, non-slip surface
  • Total length: 47 cm
  • Shoehorn length: 10 cm
  • Weight: 40 g


Parametri izdelka

Dolžina 47 cm
Teža (g) 40 g
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