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Električni skiro W-TEC Lambreto Max II 10" AKCIJA

Amazing e-scooter with a sturdy frame, front and rear suspension, an extremely powerful drive, max speed of 35 km/h and a distance range of up to 50 km! Več

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The E-Scooter W-TEC Lambreto Max‘s sturdy frame and modern design will catch your eye! Thanks to the powerful Li-Ion 15Ah 48V battery, the scooter boasts an incredible distance range, which makes it ideal for everyday rides to work – especially when you live on the outskirts and work downtown. What’s more, the scooter features an extremely powerful, 700W drive, which means that steep roads will be a piece of cake. With a distance range of up to 50 km, this scooter provides a smooth and comfortable ride.

Front and Rear Suspension

A combination of speed and dexterity, the 10” inflatable wheels and sophisticated front and rear suspension will deal with bumps on the road. The two disc brakes will keep you safe while the fenders allow for a comfortable ride in the rain.

Folding Frame

Thanks to the simple folding mechanism, the scooter’s frame folds into a compact size in a flash. The scooter offers four speed modes and a max speed of 35 km/h. The disc brakes, high-quality light with a long range and anti-slip handle grips provide safety and comfort even on longer rides.

Lots of Other Amazing Features

The E-Scooter W-TEC Lambreto Max boasts a 700W electric drive that offers four speed modes, allowing you to go as fast as you want. Then there’s the extremely practical cruise control, which turns on automatically after a couple of seconds to maintain the desired speed. Easy to read both in direct sunlight and at night, the screen on the handlebars allows you to follow all the important information such as battery status or current speed mode. You can also track your distance in the app through which you can sync the scooter with your smartphone.  

The Li-Ion battery recharges to full capacity in approximately 6 hours. All you have to do is plug the portable power supply adaptor in a 220V socket. The battery can last up to 50 km on a single charge. Therefore, you do not have to recharge it during shorter trips. Thanks to the LED control lights on the display, you can see how much battery is left. If the battery dies, you can move the scooter forward by pushing off the ground (i.e. the motor does not have to be on).

Technical description:

Frame material

Aluminum alloy

Engine power

700 W

Engine type


Max speed

35 km/h

Speed modes

6/20/25/35 km/h


Li-Ion 15 Ah, 48 V

Distance range on single charge

Up to 50 km

Charging time to full capacity

Approx. 6 - 7 hours




Front and rear inflatable

Tire size

10" (25.4 cm)

Deck height (top)

18 cm

Deck height (bottom)

9 cm

Handlebar height

118.5 cm (from the ground)

Handlebar width

59 cm


Front and rear, automatic brake light


119 x 59 x 123 cm

Collapsed dimensions

119 x 59 x 56 cm

Min recommended user height

150 cm

Weight limit

120 kg


20 kg


Folding mechanism, front and rear suspension, kickstand, screen that displays battery status and current speed mode, cruise control, fenders, bell 


Parametri izdelka

Maximalna nosilnost 120 kg
Najmanjša priporočena višina uporabnika 150 cm
Kapaciteta baterije 15000 mAh
Območje 50 km
Maksimalna hitrost 35 km/h
Maksimalni naklon 15 °
Teža 20 kg
Moč motorja 700 W
Velikost koles 10"
Zavore disk
Upravljanje vzvod na krmilu
Dimenzije 1230 x 590 x 1190 mm
Tip koles napihljiva
Tip motorja polnjenje
Lokacija motorja v zadnjem kolesu
Rekuperacija ne
Sedež ne


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