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Masažna preproga chodníček inSPORTline Butwal 148x40 cm

Walk massage mat with natural pebbles! Stimulates reflex points on the inside of the foot, improves blood circulation in your legs and relieves muscle tension! Več

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The Walk Massage Mat inSPORTline Butwal allows you to enjoy an amazing foot massage anytime and anywhere. If you need to improve blood circulation in your feet and/or have flat feet, walking on real pebbles is right for you. This type of massage will also help you get rid of the annoying heavy legs feeling and relieve muscle tension. 

If you find walking on the pebbles too painful, you can press your feet against the mat while seated. This way, the massage will be less intense but just as effective. Apart from pebbles, this massage mat also features several zones with larger, round stones for stimulating the arch of the foot.

The acupressure massage improves blood circulation, maintains the proper function of organs and accelerates metabolism. The Walk Massage Mat inSPORTline Butwal will help you relax and reduce fatigue. And when you’re done, just roll the mat up and store it away.

Technical description:

  • Walk massage mat that stimulates reflex points on the feet
  • Natural pebbles
  • 6 larger, round stones
  • Improves blood circulation in your legs and relieves muscle tension
  • Helps get rid of the heavy legs feeling
  • Suitable for those with flat feet
  • Can be rolled up and stored away
  • Dimensions: 148 x 40 cm
  • Recommended max user weight: 150 kg


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Dolžina 148 cm
Širina 40 cm
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