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Masažni stol inSPORTline Scaleta II - črna-siva AKCIJA

Elegant massage chair with flip up footrest, independent neck/shoulder heated massage, calf air massage, 3D Bluetooth speakers. Več

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A successor of the popular compact Scaleta model, the Massage Chair inSPORTline Scaleta II is a modern massage device with a number of useful features in an elegant design. Its main feature is a heated neck/shoulder massage which can be used independently of the rest of the chair. The chair’s shape is designed to provide a complex massage (from the shoulders to the back to the thighs). The specially shaped (bent) backrest allows for a complete back massage. 

The massage system consists of 2 pairs of massage heads, whose position can be adjusted manually (including the two massage heads in the neck area). Apart from a neck/shoulder massage, you can also enjoy a waist/buttocks massage. Also available is a calf air massage with three different intensity modes, which uses 6 massage airbags. After the massage, you can push the leg massager back into the chair or turn it over and make it into a comfortable footrest. When you do so, you will have a luxurious piece of furniture.

Apart from offering a quality massage, the Massage Chair inSPORTline Scaleta II also allows you to listen to music through 3D speakers which are built into the headrest on either side of your head. Since the speakers can be paired with a smart device via Bluetooth, you will be able to relax while listening to your favorite songs. Moreover, you can also use the USB port built into the armrest to recharge your phone/tablet. 

In the armrest you can also find an easy-to-use remote control on which you can choose your preferred massage mode. You can also use the remote control to adjust the intensity or speed of the massage or the position of the massage heads. Under the armrest you can find a practical pocket in which you can put your phone or other small items which you want to have at hand during the massage. You may also appreciate the practical transport wheels thanks to which you can easily move the chair from one place to another. 

With the Massage Chair inSPORTline Scaleta II, you are getting not only a device that allows you to enjoy a relaxing massage in the comfort of your home but also an elegant piece of furniture.

Programs and functions:

  • 3 massage types (kneading, knocking, simultaneous kneading and knocking) with massage heads
  • 5 preset programs (full-body, neck/shoulder, waist/thigh/buttock and quick 5-minute massage)
  • Manual operation (turning on/off kneading mode, turning on/off knocking mode, moving massage heads up/down)
  • Neck/shoulder massage (two-way or one-way kneading, optional heating mode, moving massage heads up/down)
  • Calf/buttock air massage (3 intensity modes)
  • 3 massage intensity modes
  • Adjustable footrest position (up to 180°)

Technical description:

  • Elegant massage chair in stylish design
  • Full-body/focused area massage
  • Adjustable footrest (you can turn leg massager over and push it back into chair)
  • Neck heating function (carbon fiber)
  • Transport wheels for easy manipulation
  • Practical pocket for storing smartphone or other small items
  • USB port for recharging your phone
  • 3D Bluetooth speakers
  • Built-in water bottle holder
  • Output: 60 W
  • Maximum power usage: 60 W
  • Assembled dimensions: length 104 x width 81 x height 99.5 cm
  • Package dimensions: length 138 x width 74 x height 82 cm
  • Maximum length when in use: 138 cm
  • Seat width: 52 cm
  • Seat height from ground: 45.5 cm
  • Material: synthetic leather
  • Weight limit: 150 kg
  • Weight: 53.5 kg
  • The maximum tested height of the user is 190 cm. Customers exceeding this height are recommended to try the chair in person.
  • The device is not intended for the treatment of muscular and other diseases. This is not a medical device.
  • Massage chair is not suitable for people with electronic implants (pacemaker), people suffering from osteoporosis or skin diseases and pregnant women


Parametri izdelka

Material Sintetično usnje
Število masažnih blazin 6 ks
Število masažnih ventilov 0 ks
Število prednastavljenih programov 6
Število masaž 3
Magnetna terapija ne
Število masažnih stopenj 3
Število hitrosti masiranja 3
Zero Gravity ne
Zero Space ne
Vyhřívaná podložka ne
Vyhřívání nohou ne
Vyhřívání krku a ramen da
Zmogljivost 60 W
Maximalna teža (kg) 150 kg
Teža 53.30 kg
Dimenzije 138 x 81 x 99,5 cm
Transportna koleščka da
USB priključek za MP3 da


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